“Many times developers ask me how to start with web development especially with JavaScript. In this blog, I will try to explain the basic components required for building web applications, application strategies planning, and give some insights into the main functional blocks and their general use cases”.

People often feel that if they know C# or Java they already have a pretty soild understnding of how Javascript works.But it’s a trap! When compared to other mainstream langauges,JavaScript is much much more functionally oriented.Some concepts differ fundamentally from those of most other langauges.The …

“As an application developer, we are concerned with authentication and security. We will explore one of the widely used security mechanism that is JWT(JSON Web Token). I will try to explain the key benefits and will discuss the issues most of the developer’s tackle while using JWT.”

# LET’s start with the basics:

JWT is a JSON based authentication technique that is helpful for securely transmitting information between different parties in an application system.


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